Frequently Asked Questions


What is the significance of ''ICE''

With more of our 7 billion fellow humans speaking and understanding English than any other language on the planet it's not surprising to find that 'ICE' has become the internationally recognised acronym for IN CASE of EMERGENCY.  

I don't have any health issues so why would I need ICE-scan?

In an emergency, your ICE-scan Tags quickly 'talk' to the Emergency Services for you, supplementing their comprehensive medical and technical knowledge and helping them to make swift, informed and potentially life-saving 'on scene' decisions which, supported by the facility to share details with Accident & Emergency colleagues, could very well influence your ongoing care so aiding a swifter and better quality recovery.

Sadly, being a victim of an accident or a sudden illness can befall any one of us at any time, irrespective of your health condition.

My ICE details are stored in my latest smartphone – why would I need ICE-scan?

With their ever-increasing degrees of security sophistication, new handsets are constantly joining the saturated smartphone market meaning that our Emergency Services cannot possibly keep track with 'which model does what, and how’.

However, a clearly visible and accessible ICE-scan Tag will reveal your recorded vital medical and identity details to the Emergency Services in seconds, invaluable in the event of an emergency or crisis and, unlike your smartphone, will never suffer from a locked screen or flat battery.

Where do I place my ICE-scan tags?

Knowing that most of us carry a smartphone, the Emergency Services will easily detect your ICE-scan Tag with its distinctive and internationally recognised ‘Star of Life’ logo which, along with crash helmets and staff security passes, is the 'go to' location. With FIVE Tags in each set, all circumstances are covered.

Remember the 'Tax Disc?'  Each set also contains TWO static 'cling' discs which, when fitted to a vehicle windscreen or in a motorcycle disc holder, act as an ''ICE-scan Tag subscriber on board''  beacon for all attending Emergency Services. The discs can also be placed in a prominent location in the home.

How do emergency staff access my details?

Very simply! By using a generic Quick Response (QR) APP, widely available on all web-enabled devices, a scan of the previously hidden and unique code on your ICE-scan Tag will swiftly and securely reveal your chosen details which, crucially, can be shared by 'on scene' Emergency Services with their Accident & Emergency colleagues.

In an office environment patient details can also be obtained by clicking on the red 'Click In Emergency' button at the top of all four pages of the website allowing remote access by Accident & Emergency staff armed with account details supplied by 'on scene' colleagues. 

You mention QR codes and website access, doesn't that mean you need access to a mobile network or to the internet?

In a flawlessly connected world then, of course, that is true and is fast becoming a reality with ever-improving mobile networks and the implementation of the UK Government's Emergency Services Network, soon to be rolled out internationally too.

As a backup and in extreme conditions, the account detail revealed on your ICE-scan Tag is easily relayed by on-scene Emergency Services to their Control Room creating only a minor delay to information retrieval and, as before, can be shared instantly with Accident & Emergency colleagues.  

If access is deemed so quickly and securely available, how easily can others see my details?

The iconic ''Star of Life'' displayed prominently on the upper layer of all ICE-scan Tags is instantly recognisable by Emergency Services, worldwide. The 'tamper proof' upper layer conceals access to patient details thereby protecting it and its contents from casual or unscrupulous viewing or scanning and requires a deliberate action to ‘peel and reveal’ the QR code hidden beneath.

An SSL certificate ensures that the ICE-scan website security is on a par with all major online banking systems. Uniquely, full account access is a ‘2-tier’ process with essential 'Level 1' user-supplied data limited to your first name, your chosen medical and/or surgery detail, your photo identification (if uploaded) together with your supplied year of birth - all protected by your unique 9-character alpha-numeric account code. 

Access to 'Level 2' data requires the separate input of a unique 4-digit account code, revealed only with the removal of the Tags' upper layer and adds to the viewable profile your surname, nationality, national health number, chosen contacts/next of kin and your own general practitioner's details.

Mimicking how the 16-digit number on your credit/debit card works in tandem with the 3 digit 'CVC' on its reverse, your Tags' 9-character code and 4-digit code are wholly interdependent

ICE-scan membership can only be completed through our partner organisation (your employer or organisation of which you are a subscribing member) when we supply them with their required volume of ICE-scan Tag sets and delivered to them by secure courier in tamper-proof envelopes. Once these tamper-proof envelopes have been delivered by them to you, our partners have no further involvement in the process and, importantly, no access to any of the information that you provide when you populate your account. 

Removal of the Activation Label on your Tag set will reveal your personal 9 charachter / 4 digit account details which together enable you to activate and populate your personal ICE-scan account. From this point, all registration and administration processes are conducted and controlled solely by you and do not require sensitive address, date of birth or bank account details - bad news indeed for those intent on identity theft. Put simply, there is nothing of value for them to steal!

What happens if any of my medical or contact details change?

Simply log into your ICE-scan account with your personal security credentials, simply amend and save the details you need to change - your details are immediately updated.

What about language barriers?

With ever-growing ethnic and cultural diversity in towns and cities across the world - there are over 100 different languages spoken in London alone – ICE-scan Tags are invaluable in overcoming potentially life-threatening delays if medical symptoms and identity details cannot be quickly articulated.

Do I really need to upload an image of myself?

No details are mandatory but uploading a current image does hold an obvious recognition advantage, crucial in an emergency.

Do you have any further developments in the pipeline?

ICE-scan is a system with 'few moving parts',  kept deliberately uncomplicated so as to quickly and securely provide critical information when most needed. Any amendments that provide a positive benefit to the ICE-scan system will be implemented and, along with news of our Community Project Initiatives, announced on our Twitter page. 

Do you have any further questions about ICE-scan?

We value your questions and suggestions which can be sent to us by Direct Message on Twitter (you will need to be a 'Follower') or, if you prefer, by completing and submitting the short form on our ‘Availability’ page. Either way, we will respond by the close of business on the day of receipt and look forward to engaging with you and your organisation.

Thank you for reading our 'FAQ's' and please visit periodically for updates.