Frequently Asked Questions


What is the significance of ''ICE''  'ICE' has become the internationally recognised acronym for IN CASE of EMERGENCY.  

I'm healthy, why would I need ICE-scan?   Accidents and illness can happen to anyone – in an emergency your ICE-scan Tags quickly 'talk' to the Emergency Services.

My ICE details are stored in my phone – why would I need ICE-scan?  Sophisticated phone security prevents or, at best, seriously restricts quick access to vital medical and identity details while ‘open’ phones are vulnerable to theft of sensitive personal data, usually without their owners knowledge. Battery failure or accident damage are further issues to consider.

What about wrist bands or high tech wearables?  Low tech solutions are severely limited in their information capture while the plethora of high tech devices differ widely in their access and operation, unwelcome when time is at a premium.

So why an ICE-scan tag and where should it be placed?   Placed on your phone, helmet or security pass, an ICE-scan Tag with its distinctive and internationally recognised ‘Star of Life’ logo and simple ‘scan’ instructions is consistently simple and quick to ‘operate’ by emergency first responders

How do emergency staff access my details?    With a phone or tablet camera, generic QR reader APP or the dedicated ICE-scan ‘APP’ to ‘read’ the code hidden on the tags’ underlayer

Is internet access required?   Yes - 4G/5G internet access provides swift results but where internet access is not viable then Emergency Services can radio relay tag details to their respective Control HQ 

How easily can others see my details?   The 'tamper proof' upper layer of the ICE-scan tag conceals access to patient details, protecting contents from casual or unscrupulous viewing. SSL certification ensures that the ICE-scan website security is on a par with all major online banking systems.

How do I obtain my ICE-scan tags?  Individual ICE-scan tags are available via our website but please contact us to enquire about our corporate and special group rates.

How do I activate my account?   On receipt of your ICE-scan tags download the ICE-scan APP to your phone/tablet and scan the Activation Tag to reveal your unique 9 character / 4 digit account number enabling you to populate your account with your medical and contact details

Do I need to upload my image?    Although not mandatory, uploading and maintaining a current image has clear benefits and is highly recommended

What happens if any of my medical or contact details change?   Using the ICE-scan APP simply sign in to your ICE-scan account with your personal security credentials, amend and save the details you need to change - your details are immediately updated.

.Do you have any further questions about ICE-scan?  We value your questions and suggestions  -  please follow us on Twitter @icescanglobal and send us a Direct Message. Thank you for reading our 'FAQ's'  - please visit periodically for updates